Do you fear Reiki won’t work?

Try it. There are many ways that Reiki can help you, and it won’t ever cause harm. You have nothing to lose by trying (save the fee for a Reiki session maybe), but the benefits you experience could be so amazing that you’ll wonder why you waited as long as you did.

While it is not possible to predict in what ways the Reiki will absolutely help you (because that’s really up to you, not the practitioner), you WILL be helped. Maybe you’ll have better sleep that night. Maybe you’ll feel lighter and more positive. Maybe you’ll receive relief from your anxiety, or pain, or frustration, or your body will begin a healing process. 

There are many things in life a person might miss out on for fear of trying. Ask yourself what is the real root of the fear, and if it’s worth putting aside for the sake of trying something that has the potential of helping. Many people have to step a bit outside their comfort zone, or their realm of experience, to be willing to try Reiki. But for many who do take that step, the results are life-changing and powerful. At the very least, you should experience Reiki. 

If it’s about the financial outlay, there are places and practitioners that will give you a discounted or free Reiki session. Many people have friends, neighbors, or family members who practice Reiki and would be willing to give a session without cost.

If your fear is about something else, decide if it’s better to not know how much Reiki could help, than to actually give it a try. You’re choosing between ignorance (not knowing) and experience (a way of directly learning). Most importantly: Reiki cannot cause harm in any way. If you’re afraid that your version of reality might be challenged by a “weird experience,” then consider this: every time you learned something new in your life, your understanding of reality expanded a little. Are you still open to learn?

You could choose to learn more about Reiki, and its benefits by reading a book first. This might help reassure you, inform you, and help you decide it’s okay to try it. I wrote Practical Reiki: for balance, well-being, and vibrant health to be a very clearly explained book about Reiki that is designed to be an “under the hood” view of Reiki. That is, I keep the explanations simple, and describe Reiki without rituals, without symbols, just how the energy can be directed, and how it can help. Maybe reading about Reiki will be what you need to help you be ready to try it. In any case, you’ll learn more, and you’ll become a more educated and informed individual. 

Many people who learn about and try Reiki go on to learn it for themselves. Anyone can learn Reiki, as it’s a natural, holistic approach to healing, as well as a wonderful way to learn how your intuition works. It’s a section from the elusive “human user manual” you may not have been taught yet!

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