Which Reiki Method Is Right for Me?

There are many Reiki methods, I know a number of them, and they are variations on a theme. They have different symbols, different focuses, but ultimately, they are all ways of directing the same basic energy.

My favorite is Practical Reiki, which does not use symbols or require you to learn a specific series of hand placements. It’s purely “turn it on and it works” Reiki, with a lot of “here’s ways you can use it” thrown in. That’s why I think it’s the most practical and still comprehensive Reiki method, without the ritual and extra structure added.

The ritual and structure of other methods are really there to help people have a means of directing intention if they don’t feel comfortable doing so with words alone. Think of training wheels or speed dial. Each ritual or symbol is a little step in between you and the real thing – the intention. Energy is ALWAYS directed by intention, so however you decide to direct it – via symbols, words, thoughts, music notes, crystals, color, light, angelic assistance, prayer, or singing Row Row Row Your Boat (kidding – I don’t know a method that does that), these are all ways of intending that the energy do this or that. By “do this or that,” I mean unblock certain chakras, stream healing to a certain area, strengthen energy, or assist in allowing the recipient to just receive the healing that’s needed.

By the way, that’s what is really happening here – we are only the faucet, and the energy is the water, and the recipient takes in the water where he is ready for drinking it in. He may need the water to wash away emotional blockages, to soothe away pain, to fill in where a person is parched for receiving energy, or other needs. He may be terribly thirsty but not ready to accept that, and so it’s not possible for us to make him drink. He has to be ready to try taking a sip. We are offering the water. The recipient has the ability and choice (conscious or unconscious choice) to receive it where he is ready to.

So to answer your question, think of how you like to learn. Do you prefer structure? Do you want simple instructions and a strong connection to the energy with the freedom to direct it the way you wish? The choice is yours. The energy is available to you in any way which makes the most sense to you.

Anyone can learn Reiki who desires to learn. No previous intuitive experience or ability is needed. I’ve taught people completely new to energy, skeptics, and those who have been practicing one form or another of energy healing for over 20 years. All understand, feel the energy, and have a new way to use it.

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